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Myths About Personal Injury Law
Personal injury cases and claims are often viewed with a negative connotation. This is because many people believe myths and misconceptions about personal injury law and the trial process. Most personal injury cases involve monetary compensation for injuries and ailments and involve in-depth processes, leading people to mistakenly believe that all personal injury cases are lengthy and expensive ordeals rife with frustration and agony. Today we will be debunking the common myths of accident claims and cases and giving you the honest truth on personal injury law.

Myth #1: All personal injury victims will receive compensation for their claims.

Unfortunately not every person who files a personal injury claim wins their case or receives a settlement out of court. If your claim or evidence is deemed to be weak or inconclusive you may walk away without compensation.

Myth #2: If you want to be compensated your case must go to court.

Most personal injury cases never go to trial. It is very common for cases to be settled by the parties out of court without needing any litigation. It is more cost and time effective for cases to be settled outside of the courtroom.

Myth #3: Personal injury claims can be settled without the assistance of lawyers.

Myths About Personal Injury Law
Many defendants in a personal injury case will seek to settle claims against them outside of court. This is not always the best option as you may not receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer is trained to represent your case in court and will fight to ensure that your compensation requests are met.

Myth #4: Personal injury cases are complex, time consuming, and can take years to settle.

Most personal injury cases are settled within 8-12 months of the initial accident claim. More serious cases involving complex injuries or liability disagreements take longer to settle and often result in the case going to trial, which is the most time consuming portion of a personal injury case.

Myth #5: The only people who file personal injury claims are filing frivolous lawsuits.

This is one of the biggest myths about personal injury law. People inaccurately believe that it is common for people to claim compensation regardless of the ethical or moral implications. Most personal injury cases are filed by individuals regarding legitimate accidents and injuries. Frivolous lawsuits are few and f
ar between but these are the cases most likely to be released through news sources to the public.

Know your rights when filing a personal injury claim. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney for a consultation to learn how to receive the appropriate compensation and get the best result possible for your case.
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